Fujifilm FinePix X100                      


  Every camera that goes on to the showcase shelves attracts me to own them all. My pockets are empty and so, my bank balance. But, my craziness over cameras & lenses enthrals me to enjoy every moment of life. Myself, Jaya Kumar! A freelance photographer from Chennai, India. Being passionate about photography, I make images with all sorts of subjects. Every time, when I step into the local streets with my camera, I get submerged into the activities that make time fade away from my world, literally. I always return home thinking about the moments which I had missed, more than that I had captured. A casual glance on the newly arrived camera, Fuji X100 captivated me. The moment I held it in my hands, I knew I was going to buy it, somehow.





Picture 1: Singapore road 

Fortunately, I made a visit to Singapore right after I bought my Fuji X100. With very little experience on using Fuji X100, I carried my other camera D3s as well, in case if I don't get the shot I wanted. The streets of Singapore are vivacious, clean and green. When I walked on the overhead pedestrian bridge, I was really amazed at the car drivers, as they followed lane disciplines strictly. With curiosity, I popped out my Fuji X100 and made an image there. Also, the clouds were appealing that day. When I downloaded this image on my computer, I was really shocked to see the marvellous tall buildings without distortions at all. With a fixed focal length of 23 mm, I was expecting a small distortion, atleast near the top end of the buildings. On the contrary, the result is simply exceptional.


Singapore Marina Bay

Picture 2: Lights on the air

I must admit that this shot was one my toughest attempts during my trip to Singapore. Literally, without tripod, it was very uncomfortable to make long exposure images. Fortunately, my eyes caught up with the safety barrier gates on the sides that helped me to use them as a steady stand. Due to Fuji X100's lightweight, I was able to place it firmly on the barrier gates. I used my camera bag for additional support. After composing the frame, I initiated this 30 second exposure with complete confidence. The result was evident from the picture as the dangling lights could be seen dancing on the air. Indeed, Marina Bay Sands is a mind-boggling example for artificial excellence.


Chennai Street                    


Picture 3: Chennai streets

Sitting on the left side of the car, my hands were free from the steering wheel, but not from my new Fuji X100. The moment when I saw vibrant lights on the roads, my hands picked the camera instantly and made this composition. The time was perfect, just an hour after the sunset. Images captured with slow shutter speeds always fascinates me as they sequel uniqueness every time, even with the same subjects. As this image was captured in a low-lit ambiance, obviously noise peeped out; yet, it was minimum even at ISO 320.




Picture 4: Playtime

As we know, kids are immensely affectionate towards pet animals. The moment I saw this girl playing with the chick, I wished to make image with her. Fuji X100's shallow depth of field sparked me to play with the focal point. Conveying the girl's happiness was my motive, yet making her as the meaningful background was an instinct straight from my mind. The focus is undeniably sharp and so, the message is conveyed stupendously. Above all, it's the happiness that speaks in the image more than anything else. Fuji X100 made it possible without which I would have lost the moment by searching for my prime lenses.    


Street streaks



Picture 5: Street streaks

Made this shot near the renowned Mustafa store in Singapore. The signal was red and so, the vehicles were dazzling with their headlights. A quick setup in the middle of an unused road helped me to make this composition. Rightly after a few seconds, the signal turned green. The cars started moving and thus, it left streaks of light on my 13 seconds exposure. Even with a long exposure, the bright areas like the street lights and headlights had not been completely washed out; thanks to Fuji x100's inbuilt ND filter. Fortunately, the man on the extreme left side of the frame stood still, until my exposure ended.


Metro magic


Picture 6:  Metro magic.

Being into the field of photography for many years, my eyes look for a pleasant composition that mostly agrees with the rule of thirds. However, I purposefully wished to break them to create more depth and distinct composition angles to my images. With curvaceous designs and definitive lines in my frame, I would have definitely composed this image inline with an imaginary horizon. But, I overtook my default composition style with a slant one as seen in this image. To mention, this image was taken hand-held with a slow shutter speed of 1/13th. To my surprise, the digital image was undeniably sharp and vivacious.


Frisky kids


Picture 7: Frisky kids

Every photographer would admire kids very much as they express unusual poses, especially in front of the cameras. This picture could describe children's mischievous behaviour as it is evident from the small boy's mischievous expression. I took this image while making a casual walk in the urban streets of Chennai. As stated earlier, even with a near wide focal length, Fuji X100 delivers a shallow depth of field, making the image more realistic as seen through human eyes. Getting low to the kids' eye level has helped me to portray the drama from their perspective. 


Bokeh test


Picture 8: Bokeh test

Every photography enthusiast would dream about having bokehs in their images not only because of their circular shapes, but also due to its amiable effect. However, creating bokehs with a wide-angled lens is a strenuous job even in perfectly lit ambiance. With a fixed focal length of a near wide-angled lens, X100 delivered exemplary bokehs in the range of F2 to F4 in its macro mode. To add up, with its 9 blade aperture diaphragm, making images with bokehs is simply a child's play, even during the daytimes.


Underwater performance

Picture 9: Underwater performance

I am kidding. This image was shot outside a large aquarium in Singapore. I didn't expect this photograph to bear less noise even at ISO 640. In addition, its sharp focus point left me stunned. The glass plate between the camera and the fishes is completely clueless as there are no specks of reflection in the frame. Natural sunlight was the light source that flooded the aquarium, directly from the sky above. In reality, Fuji X100's color output isn't as pale as seen through naked eyes.


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