Basic weekend Class

Course topics

·         Introduction to Photography

·         Digital Cameras

·         Lenses & Focal Length

·         Exposure, Light Meter, Aperture, Shutter Speeds, ISO, Focus

·         Depth of Field (DOF)

·         Advanced Shooting Modes - Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Program, Bulb

·         Using the Pop-up Flash

·         Composition (basic rules - what makes an effective photograph)

·         Resolution and File Formats (basics)

·         Camera Kit - Maintenance and Care

Both digital SLR (single lens reflex – cameras with interchangeable lenses) and compact cameras are covered in this course. The course is for beginners, for those willing to take a refresher course in the basics of digital photography and digital cameras or for those going on holiday who want better results.

Following the course Jaya kumar is happy to help and assist with any further questions you may have (unlimited follow-up email and telephone advice). Your satisfaction is important to Jaya kumar and he is very interested to follow your photographic evolution after the course. You can get in contact with him with any questions you may have and submit your photographs for feedback and discuss your work with Jaya kumar. For all courses / workshops you will need a Digital Camera a DSLR or a Pro Compact Camera with Fully Manual Exposure Mode.

If you are not sure about your camera's capabilities please contact  Jaya kumar to discuss about this. If you haven't got a camera yet but still want to attend the course you can borrow one of our spare semi-professional DSLRs + lenses + flashgun + tripod for the duration of the course. If you are planning to buy a new camera, Jaya kumar can offer advice on what camera and lenses to buy according to your budget and the photography style you wish to pursue. 
Courses limited to 7 persons.


8 weekends (Saturday evening and Sunday morning)

Each class 2 hours duration Basic weekend Class

Contact information

Some of the photos taken by our students.

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